You use it, we clean it!

All our rentals include complimentary cleaning.

For delivery and operator info, scroll below. All pricing includes GST.

Fairy Floss Machine

(Capable of up to 200 Fairy Floss per hour)

Overnight/Weekend Hire:    $110    
Weekly Hire:  $330    
Sticks & Flavoured Sugar:    
·Per 100 Servings  $22    
·Per 500 Servings    $88    
Flavour Options:    
Raspberry, Blueberry, Grape, Lime, Spearmint, Cola, Banana, Orange, and Unflavoured    
Bow 68cm wide, machine 50cm x 50cm x 50cm    
Electrical Specs:      
10 amp plug, 2100 watts, 9 amp usage    

Popcorn Machine

Overnight/Weekend Hire:    
Popcorn Machine Standard (8oz)    $120    
Popcorn Machine Large (12oz)  $200    
Weekly Hire:    
Popcorn Machine Standard (8oz)   $360    
Popcorn Machine Large (12oz)  $600    
Popping Corn, Oil, Seasoning, and Serving Bags:    
·Per 100 Servings   $30    
·Per 500 Servings   $120    
Popping Corn, Oil, Seasoning, and Serving Boxes:    
·Per 100 Servings   $42    
·Per 500 Servings  $168    
76cm H x 50cm W x 50cm D    
Electrical Specs:    
10 amp plug, 1053 watts, 4.6 amp usage    

Popcorn Warming Cabinet

(This machine uses already made Popcorn)    
A Popcorn Warming Cabinet is way easier than a popcorn machine. We make the popcorn fresh, you just fill the cabinet, wait 10 minutes then serve.    
Overnight/Weekend Hire:  $85    
Weekly Hire:  $255    
Already Made Popcorn and Popcorn Serving Bags:    
·Per 25 servings  $22    
Already Made Popcorn and Popcorn Serving Boxes:    
·Per 25 servings   $27    
75cm H x 50cm W x 40cm D    
Electrical Specs:    
10 amp plug, 1100 watts, 5 amp usage    

Popcorn Cart


Add a magical cinema like touch to your hire with our hand-painted Popcorn Cart.

Carts can only be hired with one of our popcorn machines or popcorn warmers. 

Pick up is not available for this item.  DELIVERY ONLY.

Overnight/Weekend Hire:  $66    
Weekly Hire:  $198    

Snowcone Machine

Overnight/Weekend Hire:  $110    
Weekly Hire  $330    
Snocone Cups, Spoon Straws, Granita Syrup:    
·Per 100 Servings   $35    
·Per 400 Servings   $120    
150L Icebox Cooler (fits 10 x 5L ice bags):    
Overnight/Weekend Hire:  $33    
Weekly Hire:  $99    
Flavour Options:     
Raspberry, Blue lagoon, Lime, Cola, Tropical Orange, and Lemon    
75cm H x 72cm W x 73cm D    
Electrical Specs:    
10 amp plug, 4 amp usage    


Receive your machine without the heavy lifting. Let one of our drivers deliver and collect your hire equipment. Cost calculated based on distance. Subject to availability.    


Order the gold standard and have one of our professional operators take care of everything from delivery and operation, to pack up and removal all hassle free. Subject to availability.    
Weekday Hourly:   $55    
Weekend Hourly:   $66    


Can I order multiple flavours?    
Yes, however for Fairy Floss each serving pack size can only be a single flavour.     
Do I need to be trained to operate the machines?    
No. A quick read through of the instructions and a few practise rounds will be all you need.    
Can I have my rental delivered one-way?    
Yes. You can also have your rental collected only.     
Can I order other products with my rental?    
What type of car do I need to pickup my rental?    
Any standard car can fit at least one machine. Most cars can fit two. Only the Large Popcorn Machine requires a large vehicle. If in doubt give our friendly staff a call to confirm your car.