Our Products


      We sell small and large bags as well as 

      our 80g Tubfafloss and our Mega Tubafloss. 

      There are 8 colour/flavours to choose from

       and you can purchase white fairy floss.     

      Small, Medium & Mega Bags of Flossy's

      Popcorn.  Our caramel popcorn is a

      hand made product and purchased by the

      finest hotels in Melbourne!

      Sugar, sticks, bags and colour/flavours

      8 flavours to choose from  - raspberry, 

      blueberry, grape, banana, orange, cola,

      lime and spearmint.   YUM!!!

      Popcorn butter salt, kernels, popcorn oil, 

      Serving bags, boxes, scoops and

      hinges for your cabinets.

      Syrup Flavours (6 to choose from)

      cones, spoon straws, lubricant, scoops

      and pumps for 3Litre bottles.

      Who doesn't like a SPECIAL.

      Check out what's hot this month!!