Q & A

Q.  How do I go about hiring your equipment?

You can email us from the 'hire equipment page' or telephone us on 03 97617979 between 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.  Please tell us in your email exactly what you wish to hire and the date for the hire.

Q:    Is Flossy's Fairy Floss a registered Food Manufacturer?

Yes we are registered with the City of Kingston that governs our area.  We also hold Public Liability Policies for $20,000,000 and have the required Food Handler's Certificates.  We are also in the process of getting HACCP accreditation. 

Q:  What is the difference between "flosscol" and "flossing sugar"?

Flossing sugar is the final product ready to use, just pour into the head of your machine.

Flosscol is the colour/flavour which you mix into standard white sugar to make up the flossing sugar.

Q:   Is Flosscol easy to use?

Flossy's Flosscol is made to a strict formula.  One level tablespoon of Flosscol to 4 kg of standard white sugar and mix well.  Its that simple.

Q:    Are the machines for hire easy to operate?

We explain how you operate the machine/s when you pick them up and we give you written instructions to take with you.  You can also download a PDF file from the equipment hire page.

Q:  If I am hiring a machine what form of security do I need for the hire?

A current Victorian Driver's License needs to be produced, as well as a current Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa).  A photocopy is taken of both these cards and kept with your hire invoice.  On return of the equipment the photocopies will be shredded or handed back to you if you request.  If a credit card is not produced when you collect the equipment then a cash bond of $400 per machine will be required (and returned when the machine is brought back).  If you fail to meet these requirements then your hire will be cancelled.

Q:  What happens if I don't bring back all accessories?

If accessories fail to return with the hire equipment then we will debit your credit card or debit the amount from the cash bond for the replacement cost of the item.  If you return the item within 7 days we will refund your credit card or cash. 

Q:.    If I am hiring on behalf of a School do I need to present my driver's licence and credit card for security.

Not if an official purchase order from the school is faxed or handed to us on the day or prior to the hire.

Q:    What are your Payment Terms?

Payment is made on collection of goods or hire.  

Q:    What forms of payment do you accept?

Direct Deposit into our Account 
Eftpos  (surcharge of 1.5%)
Credit Cards (surcharge of 1.5%)

Q:    Does Flossy's packaging and labelling comply with the current food packaging legislation?

Yes, we have the required "Nutritional Information Panel", Ingredients, Manufacturer's Details, How to Store Information, Best Before Date and Net Weight of the contents as required by Law. 

We only purchase our packaging from companies HACPP certified to ensure we get a clean food grade product.

Q:    Can we return unsold product?

No.  If you have any unsold product try having a fun food day at your school the following week and sell off all the remaining food you have.

Q:    Do I need a temporary food permit to sell food from equipment we hire from you?

Which ever Council/Shire governs over the area where the stall is going to be held is where you ask this question. 

Q:    Where do I get information about hygiene regulations and my obligations if I wish to have a stall using your hired equipment?

You have to contact whichever Council/Shire is in charge of the area where the event is going to be held.  You ring the Environmental Health Unit/Office and talk to them and they will send you out the forms and give you any help you may need.

Q:  What 'Best Before' date do you put on the bags of fairy floss and popcorn?

We place 2 months as a best before date on our bags of fairy floss and 8 months on all our tubafloss sizes. We place 7 weeks as a best before date on our bags of popcorn, but we place 2 weeks best before date on our 1 kg bulk bag of popcorn.

Q:    Do your staff that attend schools with deliveries and hires have WWCs?

Yes all our staff that deliver to schools or operate in school grounds or at children's parties have a working with children card.